Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree does so much goodness for the body, mind and soul that it’s worth a preach for a hot sec.  While there, I thought a lot about design and how we approach design today and how deeply social media has affected design and personal style.  I can’t help but feel like everyone’s home style has morphed into this California Cool aesthetic where everything is perfectly perfect.  Perfect neutrals, flat weave rugs, driftwood, a touch of Morocco somewhere, perfectly symmetric lighting fixtures and a splash of mid century.  It’s all starting to feel oh so boring.  Where is the warmth? Where is the personality and the messiness?  Where is the love??!

Enter the Original  Joshua Tree Homesteader Cabin.  It’s a true cabin with so much quirk, coziness and love poured into it.  It’s unpretentious yet clean and has everything you would want and need.  Surrounded by desert on all sides, about a 15 minute drive from the turn off of Route 62 with a dirt road for the final stretch to the cabin, you are OUT THERE and it feels GOOD.  The sky is jam packed with stars and everything else feels like a world away.  It’s definitely a place to stock up while out and hunker down post sunset.


During the day, take advantage of the park, if you want to get after a rock climb, Joshua Tree is your spot.  If you prefer a hike, there are a few mid to long hikes. Ryan Mountain is a go-to, it’s somewhat challenging, takes about 2 hours and change and gets your sweat on.  It’s about halfway between the Joshua Tree entrance and the 29 Palms Entrance and has a solid trail head.


Other stops to make- eat at La Copine, a sound bath at the Integratron, coffee and a bite at Frontier Cafe, before or after the park for a quick pickup of coffee is Natural Sisters Cafe and next door is the J Tree health food store for basic grocery items.  Everyone loves Pappy & Harriet’s for dinner and live music.  Those are the quick hits! But mostly go and cheeeeeel.


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